MLO-1000 and MLO-1070

MLO-1000 and MLO-1070 series pulsed modulated oscillator consists of free‐running DRO, pulse modulator, and output amplifier. MLO features total control of power consumption with enable control and duty cycle through a DB‐9 connector. The MLO utilizes state-of-the-art MIC to provide a highly stable, reliable and efficient signal source at microwave frequencies up to 45 GHz. The low profile and rugged construction provide excellent durability against harsh environmental conditions.


  • Dielectric Resonator Oscillator
  • Pulse Modulator
  • Output Amplifier
  • Output power +13 dbm, Up to +30 dBm
  • Available from 1 – 45 GHz
  • Pulse Repitition 100 kHz
  • Pulse Rise Time: 35 nsec
  • Pulse Fall Time: 25 nsec


  • Radar
  • Space, Military, and Commercial
General Parameters:
Power Output: +13 dBm, up to +30 dBm Optional
Harmonics: -25dBc
Frequency Stability: 3 ppm/ ºC
Duty Cycle: Up to 1 %
Pulse Repitition Rate: 100 kHz max
Pulling: +/-90 ppm max
Modulating Pulse: TTL Compatible
RF ON/OFF Ratio: 40 dB
Supply Voltage: +8 to +12VDC, the average current as low as 15mA with 1% duty cycle
Pulse Rise Time: 35 nsec
Pulse Fall Time: 25 nsec
Pulse Width: 0.2 µsec
Enable Control: TTL
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