• Fundamental and harmonic mixing
  • SMA, 2.92mm and 2.4mm connectors
  • Wide bandwidth (2- 99 GHz)
  • Internal LO Amplifier (select models only)
ProductRF Freq (GHz)LO Power (dBm)LO Freq (GHz)IF Freq (GHz)Conv.Gain (dB)Pout (dBm)Supply CurrentCase Style
AUC0206-12.0-6.0+132.0-6.0DC-2.05 dB+10 dBm50 ma-3M4,-3
AUC0408-14.0-8.0+134.0-8.0DC-3.05 dB+10 dBm75 ma-3M4,-3
AUC0618-16.0-18.0+136.0-18.0DC-6.05 dB+10 dBm130 ma-3M4,-3
AUC1423-114.0-23.0+1314.0-23.0DC-2.012 dB+10 dBm75 ma-3M4,-3
AUC1725-217.0-25.0-58.5-12.5DC-3.07 dB+10 dBm125 ma-3M4,-3
AUC1830-118.0-30.0+1318.0-30.0DC-6.07 dB+9 dBm75 ma-3M4,-3
AUC2030-120.0-30.0010.0-15.0DC-4.010 dB+10 dBm125 ma-3M4,-3
AUC2633-226.0-33.0-513.0-16.5DC-2.58 dB+7 dBm125 ma-3M4,-3
AUC2640-126.0-40.0+1326.0-40.0DC-8.010 dB+10 dBm150 ma-3M4,-3
AUC3342-233.0-42.0+216.5-21.0DC-3.08 dB+7 dB150 ma-3M4,-3

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