• Integrated Microwave Assemblies

    Quantic MWD Microwave Dynamics Integrated Microwave Assembly Page Image
    Quantic MWD Microwave Dynamics Integrated Microwave Assembly Page Image

    Quantic MWD offers rapid turnaround R & D for customized products designed to meet unique customer requirements for microwave components and integrated microwave assemblies. We excel in customization with our innovative designs, high-precision engineering, and hands-on technical support throughout the life of the project. Contact us to discuss your project.

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    Custom Integrated Microwave Assembly Solutions

    Bench Top Power Amplifiers
    This mini power amplifier is a compact design based on market demand. It is available from 500 MHz to 18 GHz up to 20W. Operates from +28 VDC or +12 VDC. AC line (120/220V) is available.

    3-in-1 LO-Mixer-LNA Up/Downconverters
    The LO-MIX Series, a super compact up/down converter with a LO and amplifier in a 2.25” x 1.00” x 0.75” package, made possible with the latest MMIC technology. Phase locked models are also available.

    Frequency Translators
    The Frequency Translator is designed to translate RF from S band to X band and vice-versa. Common LO is used and mixing products are filtered.

    Radar Test Transmitter
    Radar Test Transmitters to simulate radar signals including pulse modulation and amplitude control with output power up to 1 Watt. MD radar transmitters can be integrated as an add-on for existing system or designed as a stand alone single frequency portable test transmitter.

    A compact transmitter and receiver 2-45 GHz. Common LO, LNA and driver amplifier is included. Bandpass filter and IF amplifier are optional.

    Master Oscillator Assembly
    Typical master oscillator assembly. 19″ Rack mount. 120 VAC, up to 16 oscillators with crystal reference and optional 10 MHz input reference.

    X- & K-Band Radiometer receiver front ends, complete with low noise amplifier, noise injection and IF amplifier with stable LO. These radiometers are used for remote sensing for atmospheric and environmental observations.